Tom Mboya Against Malaria

Tom Mboya generation joins Grandmothers Against Malaria in the fight against the disease responsible for 29% of deaths among children

Nairobi: October7, 2012.... Grandmothers will this November be walking to raise 40,000 bed nets in the fight against Malaria. This initiative is championed by its good will ambassador Mama Sarah Obama the paternal grandmother of the USA President, Barrack Obama, who was also crowned Mama Malaria Africa, when Kenya hosted the 5th MIM Conference in November 2009 in Nairobi. MIM is a Multilateral Initiative against Malaria attended by all Malaria stake holders from all over the World.


The Tom Mboya Generation has joined Mama Sarah Obama in this quest where an estimated 3,000 will join the Grandmothers on November 25th 2012, led by Mama Sarah Obama in the walk whose lead partnership is United States International University (USIU), supported by Makini Schools, Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), Chavakali High School, Tom Mboya Secondary School, Baraton University, among others. Grandmothers Against Malaria Initiative will sponsor Malaria Champions from Primary Schools to Secondary Schools and eventually to the Universities within a campaign theme dubbed education against malaria, education being an ideal of the Late Tom Mboya.

This Project will be Pre-Launched on the 8th October 2010 by Alekie Mboya, the Daughter to the late Tom Mboya as well as one of the Tom Mboya generation members, leading news anchor at Citizen T.V. The launch will take place at Royal Media Offices at 11.00 am. The Tom Mboya Against Malaria project will be one of the beneficiaries of the upcoming Grandmothers Against Malaria Walk 2012 and will work hand in hand with the Tom Mboya Memorial Marathon 2012 to be unveiled during Shujaa Day Celebrations 0n 20th October 2012.

Subsequent to the walk Mama Sarah Obama will lead National wide campaigns to advocate for the use of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets. While distribution of Bed Nets has in the recent past been stepped up, the situation on the ground indicates that the usage of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets remains below par, owing to among others cultural beliefs. Current usage of bed nets in Malaria prone areas is estimated at 41%, while usage level should be at 80% if MDG 6 has to be met by 2015.The objective going forward therefore, is to convince the grandmothers & the mothers to adapt and ensure the use of bed nets in their households. This messaging will go hand in hand with further distribution of Bed Nets to cater for the gap created as a result of intense campaigns on the use of Bed Nets.