“KIBAGA VILLAGE”.... Our Grandmothers



This is the objective of Grandmothers Against Malaria Initiative Walk 2012 where Kibaga Village adopted and well shielded from Malaria will lead the World in Marking the First Malaria Walk in Kenya on 25th November 2012. The village exists in Kobiero  Location, South Rachuonyo District where Malaria Prevalence  remains over 40%.

The village boosts of nurturing the USA President Barrack Obama’s  Grandmother Mama Sarah Obama who is the Brand Ambassador of GAMI specifically the MADAM Project.  Mama Sarah was born and brought up in this village.
The village also nurtured and brought up Malaria experts such as Dr. -------google----------- who has brought down Malaria in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa which now remains a classic example of how Malaria can be eliminated in Africa.

The President and Founder of Grandmothers Against Malaria, Dr. Tom Mboya Owino was born and nurtured by Kibaga Village and has not only done miracles in the war against malaria in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Kenya but also vows to adopt the village towards elimination of Malaria. The Africa Malaria Goodwill Ambassador appeals to all other well wishers to adopt villages to enable a Malaria Free Kenya by 2015.
Kibaga SDA Church is uniting all other churches, all other faith based organizations, hospitals, health institutions, medical centres, Dorcas Music Federations to roll back the stone for Christ Against Malaria through the project, MADAM (Mama Dorcas Against Malaria).
Kibaga Primary School will lead all other Institutions of Higher Learning, Primary and High Schools and Universities to launch an extensive malaria advocacy campaign: “Education Against Malaria” championed and spearheaded by United States international University on 25th November 2012.
The highest ranking Civil Servant in the Government of Kenya from Kibaga Village is an Assistant Chief appointed in 2011, making development and fight against Malaria quite challenging coupled with brain drain.  However the determination to destiny is in their hands and the sky is the limit for this village. The number of deaths to Malaria was alarming and this led to the foundation of Grandmothers Against Malaria Initiative (GAMI).
“Kibaga Village……Malaria Free Village….Sandwiched by Malaria endemicity of 40”