MADAM - Mama Dorcas Against Malaria

Mama Sarah Obama, step-grandmother to U.S. President Barack Obama, and the founder of the non-profit organization MADAM, was an honored guest at the humanitarian event. The acronym MADAM stands for Mama Dorcas Against Malaria, which translated into English means “Grandmothers Against Malaria.” The event was held to support the First Launch of the Worldwide Project, MADAM in Kenya.

Honored guests and featured speakers also included the Hon. Kapembwa Simbao, the Minister of Health, Republic of Zambia and Chairman of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Board; Pr. Robert Williams, Manchester SDA Church; Pr. Lewis Ondiek, Executive director, Kenya Lake Conference; Mr. Mark Ole Karbolo, Chairman of the East Africa Portland Cement Company (EAPCC) and Dr. Dr. Tom Mboyo Owino, MADAM Coordinator and Africa Malaria Goodwill Ambassador.

“In Africa, many parents in malaria endemic areas have died from HIV/AIDS and the burden of raising their children is left to their grandmothers. Along with being educated on the use of LLINs, grandmothers are also being educated to stop using herbal medicines in favor of conventional anti-malarial drugs recommended by the Ministry of Health. Every person who was treated at the Free Health Camp was provided with a free mosquito net,” said Dr. Owino. He continued, “This is the foundation concept of the “Grandmothers Against Malaria Initiative”.

“As a member of Roll Back Malaria, Bestnet is pleased to have been able to donate Netprotect® LLINs for this event. We look forward to opportunities to support future events with MADAM and ADRA,” said Trine Sig, Bestnet Europe Ltd. Managing Director. Sig continued, “We would also like to thank Esther Olumo, Healthcare and Scientific Marketing Manager of Joh Achelis & Sohne GmbH, our agent in Nairobi, Kenya, for her outstanding work in helping to coordinate the successful event.”


 Pharmacies, Hospitals, Medical Centres and Institutions are assessed in this project as follows in a bid to share best practice in the industry and their support for Joint Community Projects:

1. Emergency Preparedness (Pace of Decision Making)
2. Customer Relations
3. Supplier Relations
4. Credit Management
5. Coordination (Teamwork)
6. Delegation of Duties with Authority
7. Supporting Community on joint preventive Medicine projects

Presidential MADAM Awards will be given annually. 

Top Ten Chemists in Kenya 2012 (Within Nairobi)

Within Nairobi 1. Crescent Medical Aid 2. Lyntons 3. Pentapharm 4. Shimah 5. Alfajiri/Vidonge 6.Inkamed 7. Pharmatrade 8. Doveypharm 9. Sunmed 10. Nila 11.Springs  12. Translab 13. Troy 14. Dapco 15. Salama 16. Ram 17. Westland Medical Stores  18. Nickpharm 19. Jamar 20. Lemuma 21. Medipharm 22. Dawacenter 23. Superdrug


Top Ten Chemists in Kenya 2012 (Outside Nairobi)

Outside Nairobi 1. Marketview, Eldoret 2. Sarara, Kitale 3. Sirimon, Nakuru 4. Bethany, Kitale 5. Winam, Kisumu 6. North Rift, Eldoret 7. Jassin, Eldoret 8. Jacks, Kisii 9. Shayona, Eldoret 10.Tealands, Kericho 11. Adakim, Kericho 12. Neuro, Kericho 13. Pharmart Nakuru 14. Bungoma Chemist, Bungoma 15. Kavirondo, Homa Bay 16. Lakepharm, Kisumu 17. Nyakongo, Kisii 18. Gucha Labs, Kisii 19. Glory, Eldoret 20. Bukura, Kakamega 21. Pramukh, Webuye 22. Samchem, Kapsabet 23. Kapsabet Medical Chemist 24. Kapsasur, Kapsabet 25. Monicare, Awendo 26. Switzer, Eldoret 27. Eldorift, Eldoret


Top Ten Private Hospitals in Kenya 2012

 1. Melchizedek, Nairobi 2. Cherangany, Kitale 3. Elgon View, Eldoret 4. War Memorial, Nakuru 5. Ram, Kisii 6. Portflorence, Kisumu   7. Eldoret Hospital 8. Evans Sunrise, Nakuru 9. Langata, Nairobi 10. Valley, Nakuru  11.Milimani, Kisumu  12. Umoja, Nairobi 13. South B, Nairobi

Top Ten Mission Hospitals 2012

 1. Kendu Adventist 2. St. mary’s Mumias 3. St. Damiano, Bungoma 4. St. Joseph Migori 5. Kaplong 6. Tenwek  6. St. Monica, Kisumu 7. Litein 8. Tabaka, Kisii 9. Christa Marriane  

Top Ten Medical Centres in Kenya 2012

1. Cedar Clinical Associates, Eldoret 2. Lilyon Medical Centre, Kapenguria 3. Crescent Medical Aid Kenya, Nairobi  4. Reale Medical Centre, Eldoret 5. Apex Medical, Nandi hills  6. Canaan medical  7. Dr. Magada 8. Bwena, Kapenguria  9. Alliance, Nairobi  10. Andalus, Nairobi 11.Dr. Gogo, Nakuru 12. Dr. Ogada, Nakuru  12. Dr. Mutahi, Nandi hills  13. Dr. Murgor, Kitale  14. Dr. Usagi, Kitale 15. Acacia Medical Centre 16. Greenview, Kericho

Top Ten Institutions in Kenya 2012

1. Baraton University  2. SDA Health Services  3. Marie Stopes 4. Sony Sugar 5. Muhoroni Sugar 5. Maseno University  6. James Finlay 7. KETEPA 8. Unilever  9. Nyanza General 10. Kenya pipeline Corporation 11. Emusanda, Kakamega